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Andover Massachusetts - Annual Wellness Exam

annual exams ma

annual exams ma

Andover Massachusetts - Wellness exams are an important component of maintaining your overall health. While no one loves their annual visit, Health Quarters’ nurse practitioners and staff go out of their way to make every visit comfortable regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We will complete a comprehensive exam that will monitor your blood pressure, height, weight, and discuss healthy habits that will benefit your long term health. Our experienced nurse practitioners are friendly, open and accepting.

Annual wellness and preventive exams are the most common avenue for getting certain crucial tests such as Cervical Cancer screenings (Pap smears) and STD screenings.

During a comprehensive exam our nurse practitioners will take your history, conduct a physical exam, take laboratory tests and offer counseling depending upon your unique needs.


Sexual health assessment | Alcohol & other drug use | Tobacco use | Immunization History | Depression | Family History

Physical Exam

Height, weight, and BMI | Blood pressure | Genital exam (only if clinically indicated)

Laboratory Testing

Chlamydia | Gonorrhea | Syphilis | HIV/AIDS | Hepatitis C | Diabetes | Pregnancy Testing | Cervical Cancer Screening (Pap smear) | HPV and HBV Screening | Mammography Referrals | Colposcopy

Counseling Options

Counseling on Birth Control Methods | Counseling on Intimate Partner Violence | Reproductive Life Planning | LGBTQ Counseling and Connection to Resources

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