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In Clinic Abortion

Peabody Massachusetts - The medical procedure is completed in a single visit. Although the entire visit may typically take 2-4 hours from start to finish, the procedure itself takes 7-10 minutes.

What you can expect

  • On the day of your appointment, we’ll review your medical information and options, answer questions, and obtain your consent. Next, we’ll do a fingerstick blood test and give you an oral antibiotic medication to take prior to the procedure.
  • Next, you’ll meet with our physician. Before the procedure, they will perform an ultrasound and pelvic exam to confirm the date of your pregnancy and check the position of your uterus. You'll have the option of using nitrous oxide for relaxation and pain management. You will not be sedated or “put to sleep”. (Please see our FAQ "What aspiration abortion pain relief options does Health Quarters offer?" for more information) They will then begin the procedure by giving a local anesthetic injection that will numb the cervix and uterus to ease your discomfort during the procedure. The injection may cause a strange taste in your mouth or ringing in your ears, but it will go away within a few minutes. The procedure dilates the cervix first, and then uses gentle suction to empty the contents of the uterus through a slim tube inserted into the cervix. There is no surgery, cutting, scraping, or sharp instruments. Discomfort during the procedure can range from mild to strong period cramps, and typically cramping resolves very quickly after the procedure is finished.
  • After the abortion, you will be assisted by our staff to the recovery room where we’ll check your vital signs, provide a light snack, and review your aftercare instructions. Bleeding and cramping after the abortion procedure may be light to medium, and some women experience no bleeding at all. You’ll be ready to leave within 15 to 30 minutes. You'll be fine to drive yourself home.
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