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About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional reproductive and sexual health care to all who need it without judgment and without barriers. We operate with an uncompromising belief that everyone has the right to control their body and control their life.

Our Values

Our work is informed by the overarching belief that health is a human right for all and not just the privilege of a few. How we treat our patients and each other exemplifies our values of being inclusive, caring, accommodating, respectful, and efficient. You’ll see that everybody on the team cares deeply about the people who entrust them with their care and considers it a privilege to serve you.

  • Inclusive
  • Caring
  • Efficient
  • Respectful
  • Accommodating

Our Team

We are a non-profit organization governed by members of the communities who make up our volunteer Board of Directors. We have a 25-member team of board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners, medical assistants, patient care coordinators, and administrative staff. Everyone from the Board down joined because they are dedicated to the vision, mission, and values. Together, we are making sure that sexual and reproductive health care is accessible to our families, friends, and neighbors.


ELIZABETH | Board President

Elizabeth comes to her new role as board president well acclimated—having served on the board as financial director since 2016. Her deep financial and operational background in both swift-moving Silicon Valley high techs, and large, multi-national corporate conglomerates, give her excellent experience and optics to help HealthQ navigate a continually changing landscape, safeguard against risk, and position for success— all while remaining financially and operationally sound. A New Englander, born and raised, she is so passionate about working with this nimble, responsive, intelligent, and well-oiled team. She’s continually inspired by how everyone rolls up their sleeves to contribute—to meet and advance healthcare challenges and change.

Kristie | executive director

Kristie describes her role at HealthQ as both “Serendipitous” and the “Perfect Fit”—much like her 30+ year career in Sexual & Reproductive Health has been thus far. What started as an elective “Culture & Sexuality” graduate course, has turned into a lifetime pursuit of passion—to break down silos and redefine the constructs that exist in healthcare and the way people perceive the concept of sexuality. Along the way, she feels privileged to have met so many people, heard their stories, and served them openly, without barriers or judgment.

With her like-minded team at HealthQ, Kristie looks forward to offering access to the highest quality and progressively comprehensive Sexual & Reproductive Health Care to everyone who needs it. However, she will absolutely not be giving anyone access to the secret ingredient in her legendary chocolate cake recipe!

JULIE | medical director

Julie wanted to be in medicine ever since she could speak. To the core, she loves providing evidence based, clinically proven, gold-standard care for people. She has an incredible well of experience to draw from. A fierce reproductive health advocate, Julie serves on several state boards as a family medicine representative and is passionate about bringing services to meet people where they are at in her local community.

JOSHUA | medical doctor

Josh knows what it’s like to not have access to healthcare. He didn’t himself, as a child. As the first in his family to go to college—and later, medical school—Josh has made advocating for social justice on the local and state level part of his life’s work. He considers being able to provide top notch medical care to under-served communities both an honor and privilege, and has a keen clinical interest in HIV, substance use, reproductive health, and trans-gender care.

LAUREN | nurse practitioner

Lauren remembers her own personal experience with nurses throughout childhood and into her teens. In her words, “They were awesome. They made me feel like it was OK to be there.” Providing access to comfortable, safe, non-judgmental care is one of the biggest reasons Lauren sought to become an NP. She is passionate about empowering people to take control of their bodies, know how to be safe, and make informed decisions for themselves.

MARIA | nurse practitioner

Maria was born in Cuba and loves connecting with the diverse population she meets at HealthQ. Over the course of her 30+ year nursing career, she is as passionate about patient care today, as she was in the beginning. As a GYN nurse practitioner, she especially connects with young individuals who come here looking for answers and accessibility. She works hard to earn their trust, helping them to break down barriers, while feeling completely safe and at ease.

JOYCE | nurse practitioner

After 15 years as an RN, Joyce wanted more from her medical career and made the decision to become an NP. Joyce has her doctoral degree in nursing. She chose the public health arena because she has always loved serving people with diverse backgrounds. In HealthQ, Joyce has found the perfect fit. Treating people with respect and dignity in an open, affirming, 1-on-1 environment is right in her wheelhouse.


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All of our staff uphold standards of excellence. Our staff promise to demonstrate HealthQ’s vision, mission, and values; communicate in a manner that builds trust and confidence in the organization; demonstrate high standards of professionalism; provide excellent patient-centered care; and interact with co-workers and others in a courteous, respectful, friendly and professional way.

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