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Abortion By Mail

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HealthQ is now offering Abortion by Mail for pregnancies across Massachusetts. Meet with a clinician via telehealth (video visit) and received a discreetly packaged medication abortion kit overnight.

HealthQ believes in your right to make choices about your body. We believe medication abortion should be available to everyone. If you’re unable (or unwilling) to visit a clinician in-person for in-clinic or medication abortion, we also provide abortion medications by mail across Massachusetts.

We provide telehealth abortion care, which includes two telehealth visits with your clinician, following which the medication abortion kit is mailed to your home (or picked up in clinic). Medication abortion is eligible up to 10 weeks of pregnancy and for patients with eligible medical histories.

Benefits of Abortion by Mail

• Meet the clinician online — no in-person visit necessary
• No need to drive over to the clinic

• Medications are discreetly delivered to your address
•Can be done from the privacy of your home
• You control who knows about your experience
• Available for patients 16 years and older

• Prescription birth control methods, such as patches, pills, ring, and depo, are available

How it works


Telehealth Visit

Meet with your clinician via telehealth. There’s no need for an ultrasound, but your clinician will confirm the date of your pregnancy to determine if you’re eligible for abortion by mail. We inform you of all your options and provide non-judgmental support.


Receive Medication Abortion Kit in 1-3 Days

After confirming your eligibility for abortion by mail, the clinician will order your medication abortion kit and send it overnight via FedEx. The kit will arrive in 1-3 days.


Take the Medications

Follow our instructions included in the kit. First you will take Mifepristone to end the pregnancy. This is essentially a hormone blocker that stops the delivery of the hormones necessary for your pregnancy. Most people experience no discomfort after this medication. Then will take the second medication, Misoprostol, approximately 12 to 48 hours after the first medication. Misoprostol induces uterine contractions to help you pass the pregnancy over 5 to 12 hours — the experience is similar to a miscarriage. Everyone’s experience is unique, but most patients report heavy bleeding, cramping, and nausea. You should plan to be home and near your bed and bathroom during this period — we can help you care for yourself.


Telehealth Follow-Up

You may experience mild cramping and stomach aches for a few days after passing the pregnancy — that’s completely normal. After 4 to 7 days, you will have a telehealth follow-up visit with your clinician. If indicated, they may set up additional follow-up tests or visits.

Cost and Insurance

The discounted fee for self-pay clients is $650 for all abortion care. There are no hidden fees. We charge the same for all types so that your choice is based on preference, not cost. If you have health insurance, we will contact your insurance company to check your coverage for abortion, copay, deductible, and whether you need a referral from your primary care provider. Insurance copays are set by your insurance company and range from $20-$130, depending on your plan. If you are uninsured, we may be able to help you enroll in MassHealth or connect you with an
organization that will help cover some or all of the cost of your abortion.

What’s in a Medication Abortion Kit?

Prepare for Your Telehealth Visit

  • Must be 16 years or old
  • Must be in Massachusetts
  • Must be less than 10 weeks since the date of your last period
  • A photo ID with date of birth

Visit our frequently asked questions to learn more.

Want Birth Control?

During your telehealth visit, you can talk with your clinician about your birth control options. We can send prescription birth controls, such as patches, pills, rings, and depo, with your abortion kit.

Why HealthQ?

  • We accept MassHealth and help you access cost-free abortion care.
  • We accept most major insurances and check your coverage for you.
  • We take care of you if your abortion by mail is unsuccessful. Other online providers
    don’t have a clinic in Massachusetts, so they can’t help if your abortion medication
    doesn’t work.
  • We maintain complete transparency — no hidden charges.
  • We offer prescription birth control, including patches, pills, rings, and depo.
  • We also provide anti-nausea medication, pain medication, and pregnancy tests.
  • We guarantee overnight delivery of the abortion kit via FedEx.*

* Orders placed before 1pm EST are overnight shipped the same day, orders placed after 1pm EST leave the mail order pharmacy the next business day.

Book Your Appointment

Book an appointment online or by phone or text. We do our best to schedule same or next day appointments.

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